Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Changing Priorities

Wow- things are getting more complicated!! I apologize for the lack of postings, but it is honestly tough to find time to do so. When I came into work on Monday, my whole desk was covered in paperwork with post-it messages for me. And no boss! He called and proceeded to explain everything that I needed to do while he was in court. GAH- there were phone calls to make, information to elicit, emails to acknowledge, faxes to send, scans to save, new files to set up, appointments to make, incoming calls, visits from friends and relatives who are coming to see the new digs, and I'm all alone!! Thankfully he is incredibly patient and understanding with me. So I am busy, learning a massive amount, trying to navigate the court system, and still have to plan Uki school and Plast and I gotta be honest, I am starting to care less and less for those jobs. I know they are important, and I have given so much these last few years, but I gotta prioritize. On top of this, tomorrow I have a middle school parent orientation right after swimming and have to practically feed the kids in the car. OH- and I totally forgot that my son is going away for 4 days for this "Nature's Classroom" thing on MONDAY!!!! GAH- I have to pack him, and drop him off at 7:45 am!!! GAH!! It is in times like these that I remember the words my freshman advisor in college told us- "Think of all the time you'll have to rest when you're dead." True, so true...

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