Monday, April 11, 2011


Wow- where is the time going?? These last few days have been crazy and the next few will continue to be so as well. My office is almost ready- we are set to open for business this Thursday!! I am really excited and can't wait to get started. Around here we've had doctor appointments, dentist appointments, haircuts, clinics, banquets, Uki school, plast, field trips, and on and on. Some explanation: At the swim team banquet last Friday, my daughter was named MVP of her age group!! That was so exciting, and she was just beaming. My teeth were super clean, but my eye glasses suck like nothing I've ever seen. Literally, I put them on and everything is blurry. They are "progressive" lenses and I hate them. I will need to get them changed this week. My son went to Sturbridge Village last week (it's like a trip back to colonial times) and bought a HARMONICA- you can imagine the sounds coming from here! Uki school was ok, plast was good, and yesterday I took the kids to the Norwalk Aquarium. We had a lot of fun - we saw seals and sharks, petted stingrays, watched an IMAX movie about abandonded baby elephants and orangutans (I bawled like a baby- very powerful film!), spent $$$ at the gift shop, then came home. Massive food shopping today, I'm going to court tomorrow, dentist for kids tomorrow, hockey and swimming in between, GAH!!! Nonstop action around here.

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