Wednesday, April 6, 2011

That's that

Ok- I vented yesterday, so now just good news. Our office is coming along nicely! I am going to visit my new chair and phone tomorrow!! This is so exciting, but I'm not letting myself get carried away until I'm actually in and doing work. We will be going to court next week where I'll meet his current clients and I'll start familiarizing myself with his files and programs. Oh- and I went to Target yesterday and got myself some new clothes!!! Don't worry, I used 3 hoarded gift cards, so it only cost me 94 cents!! My son started a new hockey clinic with some famous ex-player named Ivan and my daughter started her spring swim clinic yesterday. Her records have been updated on the wall at the Y so I went to take another photo. At clinic another swimming mom and I began to sort awards and ribbons that will be given out at the banquet on Friday. Squirrel man is coming today to help get rid of the critter in my attic, and that's that.

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