Friday, April 1, 2011

Plugging away

Yesterday was a wacky day- sorry for not posting!! I had a meeting with my boss in the morning. We met at the new office and started thinking about furniture layout and he gave me a bunch of tasks to start to get myself ready for work. I am so excited I can't stand it!! Then, my kids had an early dismissal for parent teacher conferences so I zipped over to school. Both went well. I promised the kids if the conferences were good that I would take them to the movies for a treat. When we came home around 3:15 they did homework and then we went to see "Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules." All 3 of us have read the whole series so I felt like we had to see the movie in the theater when it came out. We got home late-ish, so dinner was late as well. And that was my day! As for today, I turned in $21.55 worth of cans and bottles- YAY!! And I still have to plan some Uki school stuff and a Plast lesson. Kids are going to their dad's after school. They haven't been there in a long time, so I have to admit I'm looking forward to some quiet. Never ever would I have thought I'd admit that 2 years ago when this whole mess started. I love them more than anything, but they absolutely exhaust me. And that's that! Thanks for your support, your nice words, either on here or in my email, and I hope you are still finding this entertaining.

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