Saturday, April 30, 2011

Royal Wedding

Yes, I admit it- I watched the Royal Wedding yesterday morning and it was utterly lovely!! I actually woke up around 5:30 am without an alarm (my new reality-waking up way too early every friggin' day!) and proceeded to watch until about 7:30. Some things that struck me: Catherine was sublimely elegant, composed, regal and completely in love with William. He in turn, looks totally like Diana, especially when he lowers his head and looks up with his big blue eyes. And he is madly in love with her. I can totally tell! That is the difference between this wedding and his parents' wedding. How young was Diana- 20?? What did any of us know when we were 20?? Good call, waiting until both were ready. I think these 2 will make it.
Oh- how sad that Diana wasn't around. Wonder what she would have looked like now, at 49. Yikes- that's still young! I liked looking at the other royal families who attended. I lived in Spain my junior year in college and took an interest in all the royal families of Europe so it was fun to see them all as well. Ah, a great way to start the day yesterday. Back to reality now!!

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  1. Been ages since you've posted. I hope everything is going well.