Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Clean up

I am in major cleaning mode. Maybe because it's spring, maybe because I'm sick of looking at all the crap everywhere, maybe because major changes will happen here- I don't know. But I'm in the zone. First, I decided to tackle my Ukie school stuff. There are boxes and bins and plastic baggies and folders and baskets filled with markers, clips, tape, post its, construction paper, stickers, albums, pens, pencils, rulers, copies, drawings, cut outs, photos, puzzles, yarn, all in my dining room! GAH! What a turn off. Also, because I've been to two houses of my daughter's teammates and they were spotless, I think I'm feeling like I can part with a lot of stuff. So, I'm trying. I will tackle one area each day, until it gets to a point that I can comfortably live with it. And maybe feel like I can invite people over for a nice dinner. Maybe...

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