Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Ex came by yesterday. My daughter had forgotten her swimming backpack in his car on Sunday and he needed to bring it back to her. So at around 4:00 he came over to play! He and my son played hockey on the street while I took my daughter to swim practice. Honestly, I forgot all about him until he showed up at the practice with about 20 minutes left. We all came back home and I began to get dinner ready. As I'm making 3 kinds of pasta, salad, and pizza dough rolls, he's sitting at the kitchen table chatting with my daughter. So weird!! Like he's here, but he's not here, he left, but he's here all the time. Just bizzare. It was civil, and all that- we don't fight in front of them- AND he loves to tell me the prices he pays for his weekly groceries, "I got oranges for 49 cents each!" or "Those juices the kids like- they were on sale 2 for 4 dollars!" or "Cucumbers were 37 cents a pound!" and I'm always like- "Uh, OK. Great!" Huh? He left before we sat down to eat, thankfully. Oh- and barely a word of Ukrainian to the kids. I fume quietly, but it is so hard to listen to him not even pretend to speak it to them. I feel so stupid that I put such a premium on finding a Ukrainian husband who didn't even turn out to want to pass down the Ukrainian heritage. If I want it, it's got to come from me. Exhausting.

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