Monday, March 21, 2011


We went skiing yesterday with my dad and it was AWESOME!! I figured we could go one more time and the kids were game and then grandpa decided to come, so we met up and skied together all day long. Kids made great progress. Weather was terrific as well. Got in some really good skiing.

It snowed today. Yay. First full day of spring????

I was at another swim team party last weekend and mentioned to a dad that I still had some huge branches on my lawn from the ice storm. He said he'd gladly come over and use his chainsaw to chop them up. When we came home from skiing yesterday, the branches were gone, only some sawdust left on the grass. How cool is that?? Someone said he'd do something, and he did it!! These people are all so nice and honorable it makes me sick. Just kidding...

Tiger Woods apparently said "It's hard work being a single dad!" EXCUSE ME?? Say WHAT?? Boo hoo you Tiger. You couldn't keep it in your pants and now you're saying it's tough being a single dad? You had a choice, asshole, and don't act like you have no help either. Call me, I'll tell you what it's like being a single parent. Go whine into your billions.

Ukrainian School was awful last Saturday. Confirms my desire to leave when this year is over.

And that's that. Not much going on here.


  1. [Sobbing loudly] Leave Tiger Alone! :-)

  2. We went skiing that day too, to Belleayre. Great day, thought we might see your father there, as sometimes is the case. Glad he was with you guys. Miss skiing with my Tato.