Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I remembered something funny from our ski trip. After we got our tickets and rented the equipment, I took my kids and their friend over to where the lessons would take place. I made sure they were supervised, plus that friend's mom was there, just not on skis, and I decided to go to the easy slope and see if I remembered how to ski or if I'd make an ass out of myself. So, I'm shussing over to the chair lift, people are crowding around, there are kids, dads*, skiers, snowboarders, I'm in the bottle neck heading towards the chair and then a cold sweat breaks out over me. I am alone, and if you are skiing alone, they really don't want you going on a chair alone and wasting the seats. The etiquette calls for the person to shout out "SINGLE!" to let the others know and perhaps you could then mooch onto someone's group of three and get a ride. My situation considered, I really wasn't in the mood to start shouting "SINGLE!" Har. So I chickened out, turned around and went back over to where my kids were. (I got to watch their lesson, take some great photos, and I even skied down the bunny slope and was actually fine.) So lame. I know it's just a word, but I was so NOT in the mood to shout out my status. It makes for a cute story, I guess.

* It's astounding how many dads I see with their kids all over the place. By that I mean, it's the dad who does the activity while mom sits in the lodge, or on the lounge chair, or beside the pool, while I'm the mom who is skiing, swimming, playing tennis, riding a bike with them, etc. When I took my kids to Wildwood this past summer, we had the most fun at the water park. I was one of 2 moms, I swear to God, that was riding the slides and actually getting my hair wet among all the kids with their dads. Also, we went to an indoor water park for New Year's Eve 2008 and 2009 and there were VERY few moms running around. Seems like they all just sit and save seats for their families. yay me...

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