Monday, March 28, 2011


For those of you waiting with baited breath to find out the results, here we go!!
How best to describe the afternoon at Harvard?? It was undescribeable!! I do not really have the words to explain how great it was. I'll start with a simple rundown of the meet.

First event, 25 butterfly. My daughter is seeded 6th. There are 8 lanes rather than the usual 6, so more competitors per heat. 6th is a tough spot to be in. Someone in an earlier heat could knock it out of the park, you have a mediocre swim, and you drop to like 10th. But not my girl- she WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She came in FIRST in the 25 fly!!!! It was flawlessly gorgeous!! She is the best in NEW ENGLAND in the fly!!! AND her time set a new record at our YMCA- 16.24 seconds. UN-BE-LIEV-A-BLE!!!!! After the boys swim their 25 fly, they announce and award medals to the top 8 and when the announcer said "And your New England Champion in the 25 fly..." it was friggin' awesome!!!!

Next event- 100 yd. medley relay (4 girls, 4 strokes). We are seeded 4th, we get SECOND (of 40 teams!) with the best time to date, even better than at Championships. Nice...

Next- 25 yd. backstroke. My daughter is seeded 3rd. She ends up 5th, (NOT BAD AT ALL!!) and a teammate is eighth. All is good...

Next- 50 yd. freestyle. Teammate gets 3rd!! Overall standings, Wallingford 95,
Greenwich 83. Yay...

Next- 100 IM- one girl, all 4 strokes. No one in this event, Greenwich goes up against us 97-95. Yikes...

Next- 25 yd. breaststroke. Teammate gets half a point, Greenwich leads 132-95.5.

[Now- we don't actually know the team standings. This is all in the results that I got last night after we came home. Had we known that this was happening, I think I would have needed a defibrillator!!]

Next- 100 yd. freestyle relay (4 girls, each does one lap of freestyle). We are again seeded 4th. After a super close race....WE WIN with my daughter as the anchor!
We get 40 points, but Greenwich is still leading 166-135.5

Last event, 25 yd. free. We have girls in the last heat seeded 4, 5, and 6.
After some tense waiting, our three go 3rd, 4th and fifth, my daughter getting the
5th,and after more tense waiting for the final team standings, here is how it went down--Greenwich 177, Wallingford- 180.5!!!!!!! WE WON THE NEW ENGLAND CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!! I am still in awe of what they did! Proud doesn't begin to describe it. I am so glad my parents, brother and his girlfriend were there to watch it all happen. So, my daughter got a 1st, 5th and 5th in individual events and another first and a second in the relays. If my calculations are correct, she finished SECOND overall as well. This was just beyond words. 6 months of intensely
hard work. And it all paid off. We got to celebrate at the hotel pool with lots of junk food and pizza, and more swimming, if you could believe it, and memories that will certainly last a lifetime!!

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