Tuesday, March 22, 2011

TV, kind of

I watched Dancing with the Stars last night. It was the season premiere, and I haven't watched in a while. It seemed like they were having lots of Playboy Playmates, ex-cons, idiots from MTV, and serious ringers, so I stopped watching. Last night was a really refreshing batch of stars and there were some surprising performances! Except for that ho-bag from the Playboy mansion, I can let my kids watch all the others. There's even a guy from WWE that my son knows. Blast from the past- Ralph Macchio, The Karate Kid, is 49!! He was great, as was Kirstie Alley.
I'm not a huge fan of hers, but she did alright. It was funny- as the scores were being given out, my kids were asking if they were good or bad. Someone got a 24 out of 30 and I said that's like a B, and when someone elso got a 17 out of 30, I said that's pretty bad, like a D or an F. My son said, "A B is a good grade, right?" and I said "Yes. But if either of you ever gets a D or an F, YOU don't get to play hockey, and YOU will not swim." The blood drained from their faces, but they got the message! The other show I let my kids watch during the week is The Biggest Loser. We enjoy watching the challenges and then we try to guess the weight losses the contestants are going to post. We also enjoy seeing the transformations of the booted players at the very end. Other than that, there isn't much on that I'd let them watch. If they could they'd watch SpongeBob all day long and I know they've seen every single episode! It's too easy to turn on the TV and just have it on for background noise. They have to learn to do things with their time that doesn't involve the television!!

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