Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bad Mother!

So last night, I caved and basically blew off almost all learning here. My daughter had swim practice, then I had a swim team parent meeting. We came home before 7. Quick dinner (pork chops, brown rice, broccoli) and then my son did homework and my daughter was playing and drawing. Before I knew it it was 9:00. I told them to go upstairs and get ready for bed. They both blew me off, so I went upstairs and turned on the TV. "District 9" was on- LOVE that movie- so I decided to watch it until Top Chef All Stars at 10:00. Kids came upstairs and started to play with their
Zsu-Zsu Pets and I let them. No yelling, no begging, no screaming. At around 10 they both realized it was time for bed, but before getting there they got into a huge fight. Nice. Flash forward to this morning- at breakfast I realized that A. my son did not practice on the saxophone and B. my daughter did not do her subtraction practice for her weekly quiz on Friday. I was so mad at myself and them. I told them that today, the axe falls. No friends, no street hockey, no Zsu-Zsu pets, just homework, saxophone, recorder, and bed. Some days I just do not have the strength!! I can't be one of those moms who yells all the time. But it's just me, I have no back up, no support, no help, so it always falls to me. It would've been nice to go upstairs and have a strong dad be the one who doles out the discipline and acts as the adult while giving mom a break. I know that I took the break anyway, but I'm tired of the constant monitoring. Bad mom?

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  1. No one said it would be easy. I'm pretty sure, in the end, you'll see it was worth all the effort. :-)