Friday, March 11, 2011

Future Plans

Sorry for not posting yesterday. I'm going through something, no big deal, but I needed time to think some things through. I'll let you know about it soon.
Anyhow, so many things coming up! First, our Shevchenko performance!! It's this Sunday, and all 3 of us are doing something. I mentioned my son had to learn 20 lines and HE DID!! He has a fantastic memory and I know he'll do well. My daughter has just a few lines, but her class is also singing some songs so she needs to know those words as well. At least she is humming the melodies at home, so she should be fine. I also have to do something with my class of hooligans. Just kidding. Miscreants. Just kidding. I have 14 kids, half don't speak English, the other half don't speak Ukie, I have to indoctrinate them about a poet/writer/painter/indentured servant who lived 150 years ago and they couldn't care less, but that's how it all gets started. I came up with something that will either bring the house down or send me running for cover down the streets of South Hartford. I don't want to spoil anything, so I'll tell you about it later. Next, my son has his last weekend of hockey. He's melancholy, but looking forward to a camp he wants to go to in August.
Then there's the championships at Harvard. Two weeks to go! I'm hoping that our girls are successful and bring home some medals. I am certainly going to buy out the vendors- sweats, towels, hats, all Harvard and championship paraphernalia AND customized photos of my daughter swimming. Who knows the next time I'll be going there!! I just found out my brother will be able to attend so that is awesome!!
And that's that. Maybe I'll finally be able to sleep through the night when this all comes to an end.

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