Thursday, March 24, 2011

Expensive Eyes

I had my annual eye doctor appointment today. I haven't gotten new glasses in two years, so I knew it was time for a new prescription and some new frames. The check up went well, and then I went over to the optician to start picking out something new. It's tricky to pick something that looks good. I am not a shopper by nature, and often I will buy the first thing I try on. As I was looking, the nice lady informed me that I could get prescription sunglasses for 20% off but I'd have to get them today for the discount to apply. So I looked around some more, and decided on one pair of each. And then she sits down at the computer and starts clicking away, for the next HALF HOUR. Grand total-- $1,064!!! I almost fell out of my chair!! I looked at her and she's like, "But with the discount and insurance...your total is $875!" GAH! Uh, not doable, lady! She said she'd go downtstairs to talk to Maribeth or whomever to make sure she did her calculations correctly. GAH! I wait another 15 minutes she comes back and says. "Yup- it's $875." So I said, "No thank you! I won't be getting the sunglasses." Over $430 for sunglasses!!!! Can you imagine?? I can go to Walmart and get sunglasses for less than ten bucks. Not prescription, obviously, but come on!! Forget that!! So at least I didn't break the bank, but I had to pay my copay and for photos of my eyeballs on top of the glasses. Then, I get in my car and the LOW TIRE light is on. What the hell? So I go to the dealer, they fix it for me (almost 90 minutes later, though...)at no charge!! YAY!! So it was a weird day. One more swim practice, kids have a pasta dinner afterwards and then Saturday we're off to Harvard. I'm tired...


  1. Over a grand for two pairs of glasses? And I thought prices were exorbitant here. I thought everything in the states (by law) had to be under one hundred dollars!
    Go to LensCrafters or Costco or something. Actually, before coming to NZ I bought my final pair of Canadian glasses from LensCrafters; one pair regular glasses, one pair (first ever) of prescription sunglasses for under $500.00.

  2. Yes! Can you imagine?? And I have insurance!!