Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Crap Unearthed

The snow is finally almost all melted. It's astounding to think that back in January our street was the width of one car, and now it's back to normal. I spent about an hour cleaning the pine branches that had fallen during that ice storm and I only removed about half of them. The gigantic one that took down my power line is still laying there- I'll have to chop it or saw it to be able to get it out.

I went for walks almost every day this month. I really missed not being able to do that with all the ice and snow on the ground. I've mentioned that I pick up cans and bottles as we have a 5 cent refund on them so it's free money. (For those of you who don't understand- when you buy carbonated beverages, water, or beer you have to pay 5 cents extra per container. You then redeem them and get your money back. If you pick up cans that you didn't pay for, it's free money!!) There's been some serious cash up for grabs!! I found 41 today alone!! My kids are mortified that I'm like a bag lady picking up crap, but I don't care. I look at it as if someone dropped nickels all over town, and they are there for the taking. Anyway, lots of stuff on the streets: dead squirrels, newspapers in bags, skunks, TONS of branches, sand, rocks, salt, plus we have serious flooding 'round these parts. The beauty of March!!


  1. You get 5 cents for dead squirrels? What a wondrous world we live in!
    I remember as kids, we use to collect cans too. After a couple of years of collecting them, we were able to buy a large outdoor (above ground) pool. Granted that was back in 1984 and it probably didn't pay for all of it, but it paid for a large portion of it!
    Not only are you getting free money, but you're keeping the neighbourhood (Canadian spelling) clean.

  2. Ah- someone who understands me!! I look at it this way:
    1. I'm exercising
    2. I'm cleaning the streets
    3. I'm recycling
    4. I'm making money
    However, I do get nervous that I will run into someone I know and have to explain the plastic Walmart bag with the Budweiser/Coors/Keystone cans sticking out. I've been lucky so far--no personal sightings, but maybe someone has seen me from their car while driving past. Oh well..