Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Just to make it official, our girls won the 8 and under championships!! They scored something like 244 points!! They already received their plaque and it will go into the awards cabinet at the Y. At practice today, all of us moms were just beaming, thinking about how far the girls came from a year ago.

OK- to be fair, I have to mention that my son had a hockey game on Sunday. His team won 5-0! YAY! It's so different watching a sport with individual races versus one with the entire team playing at once. I guess it's like watching gymnastics or skating versus basketball or football. Less stressful, for sure!! Plus he can still play with the same group for the next like 4 or 5 years while my daughter "ages up" into the 9 and 10 year old group with longer, more grueling events. And so it goes...

I went to the library today to hang out and read. I came across the Sunday Times Magazine (used to get it delivered but can't afford it anymore) and there was an article about a mom blogger who makes like $40,000 A MONTH!!!! I read it with great curiosity. She started out when this blogging thing was new and got in fast and strong. I don't know how she got the following she did- something like 1000 hits a day from the get go. Makes me feel like a doofus for wanting to get something out of this. Like, who do I think I am? I'll keep doing this because I enjoy the discipline of writing and coming up with ideas every day, but who the hell am I kidding? "For entertainment purposes only..."


  1. What position does your son play? Funny, now living in NZ, I even miss watching kids play hockey.
    As for making $40,000 blogging, I'd be interested in seeing some proof. Maybe as a blogging pioneer she developed a big following, but even so...I'm skeptical...there are just so many things out there vying for one's attention.
    I can barely even get my family to read my blog, much less enough to make money from ads.

  2. He plays center, I think? He does the face off at the start, and whenever there is another face-off somewhere else, he takes it. I LOVE watching the mites play- they are like 4 years old, padding weighs more than they do, and when they fall, it's no big deal. They are really cute.