Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dodge Stratus, RIP

It's over. Sooo over!! I got in the car this morning, and once again, NADA. Dead.
I laughed, got out, called the dealer and then called the tow truck like it was no big deal. I felt like Norm from "Cheers" when I walked into the service department-
"Hey- you're back!!" Ugh. So I decided that this was it. Time for a new car. I spoke with a salesman, got to see a few cars, and I will be making my decision tomorrow. There is something wrong with the electrical and the guys would need to go through the wiring inch-by-inch to see what's wrong. In addition to this, the tires are very old, the car leaks when it rains, the back break light is out, and I never fixed those struts back in October. So, it's time to say good bye. I really wasn't in on the purchase of this vehicle. It was kind of foisted on me, so I never had any attachment to it. I will gladly leave it behind. I'm feeling good about making this decision on my own and what will be best for me and my kids.


  1. Yes! Looks and sounds good, in many ways!

  2. Reminds me of how it was with the old Tempo van...never knowing if we would get to the gig or not, and then not knowing if we would get back or if we would lose the gas tank. Horrible feeling when that's all you can be concerned about on top of all the other things that are going on!