Friday, December 17, 2010

Gas Leak

So remember how I hate Christmas? I begrudgingly went to Home Depot and bought the tree, got it in the car myself, and brought it home. I put out the little reindeer that lights up, one grid of colored lights, and then I noticed a gas smell. Great.
I walked around the front of the house, smelling and smelling. Walked around the back and side of the house, smelling and smelling, and only noticed it out front, right in front of my living room window. So I called Yankee Gas and a nice guy came about ten minutes later. He poked in the ground, put in some sort of meter, nothing. Then he did it again further over, and nothing. Then he did it on some part of the gas meter and it started beeping like crazy. So, I need to have this thing replaced. The guy told me I should turn off the gas, and since I wasn't sure which switch that was, I had him come inside and look and tell me. When he saw the new boiler and tank and pipe work he was like- "Whoa. Nice tank. I install those myself. This is top of the line!" Yeah, I don't mess around when it comes to my water heaters!! Ha! Like I have any clue... Then when he saw photos of my son in his hockey gear, we started talking about hockey! What a personable man! He lamented Connecticut losing the Whalers (that's the former NHL team that was in Hartford) and we had a nice chat about that. So now I am waiting for the second guy to come with this replacement part. I guess it was a good thing I put out those decorations or it would have been an explosive Christmas around here!

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