Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Kitchen Windowsill

As I was washing dishes this morning, I took a good look at all the crap that is on my kitchen windowsill. It is such a bizarre assortment, I thought I'd share it with you! This windowsill is different in that it stretches the entire length of the side of the house. I have visions of it being decorated like in the magazines, but alas, it will never be such. If you were to stand at the sink, here is what you would see, moving from RIGHT to LEFT: two plastic sandwich containers, and their lids, that go in the kids lunch bags; a tall glass of shell shards; a wooden rooster; a small container of flour; two agate slabs of rock (one pink, one blue)that are coasters that my daughter bought at the CT Science Center; a penguin snow globe that my daughter bought at Mystic Aquarium; my son's hockey water bottle; the drumstick (cleaned!) from our Thanksgiving turkey that my daughter HAD to have; a pink "Divino Nino Jesus" candle (long story!); 4 tiny Christmas tree salt dough ornaments that need to be painted; a small chocolate milk container that my daughter made into a little house with a door that she was supposed to take to school but didn't; a Dunkin Donuts gift card; a small poinsettia; a pile of Box Tops and soup can labels and Goldfish bar codes for school; a paper mache snowman/hockey goalie; my list of items to stockpile purchase whenever I go food shopping in case we become destitute and I can only live off of what is in my pantry; coupons; receipts; a nickle; my lapel pin for donating one gallon of blood; a little box from Colombia that my daughter's kindergarten teacher gave her; a box of small envelopes; my dustbuster. Nice, huh? There is more, but that part of the sill is no longer in the kitchen, but rather over the eating area and then it extends towards the desk which I'm sitting at now. That part has framed photos, reference books, models of airplanes, and my disks of digital photos. No matter how I try, how often I clean, it never looks like I want it to. Maybe once, for like 20 minutes it looked nice.
Oh well. No one from Architectural Digest will be coming here anytime soon...


  1. Like you, I found our windowsill getting cluttered, so we cleared off the entire windowsill. Granted we didn't have a large chicken bone on ours, but I like what it looks like empty.

  2. Thanks for your kind words! You're not going to believe this, but next to the big bone we have now added the rib bones from my New Year's Eve dinner at the Outback. My daughter wanted them for studying purposes. Hey- anything to encourage curiosity, I guess!