Thursday, December 16, 2010

Rise! Shine!!

I love the moms in commercials- "Mornings around here are hectic! That's why I love "___________." [fill in: Nutella, PBJ crustless sandwiches, Eggo waffles, toaster pastries] It makes everything better and I can get everyone out the door lickety-split!!" Mornings here are impossible. I wake my kids up at 7:45. We need to leave the house at 8:15 to catch the bus. That gives them half an hour to get dressed, eat, pack up their stuff and go. That's enough time, right? Or am I totally wrong?? They lay in bed, groaning, moaning, whining. They come downstairs at like 8:03, leaving less than ten minutes to get everything done. Sometimes at 8:14 they are still eating! And there is no sense of urgency from them. They act like they just don't care. Yeah, I get that they HATE school and they don't want to GO to school and why do they HAVE to go to school, but come on! It's 8:16 and one is putting on shoes, the other one is looking through a catalogue, and I am SEETHING. Finally I erupt, they get their butts in gear, and we sprint out of the house and down the street. I hate starting the day this way. And it's even better when I come back in the house and see the saxophone sitting there on the floor, or a homework folder on the counter, or the reading log by the microwave. I'm done driving their stuff to school (except for the sax) and having to save them repeatedly. But when it's hockey or a swim meet, they are up and ready to go. Yah-it's all about what you like to do, not what you have to do.

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  1. The earlier you wake them, the less complaining there is; you can't let them sleep to the last minute, or you're dead. 7:15 is generally the first wake up call here, and that gives you more time for breakfast, lunch prep, etc. Our bus is 8:15 as well, except Mondays, when Romchyk and I are up at 6 for the 6:50 middle school trumpet practice bus.