Monday, December 20, 2010

I, Enabler

Both kids got clobbered with colds in the last few days. And both got flu shots. Hmm, counterintuitive, no? I get that one may get a reaction to the shot, but come on! I did the right thing, and while it's not the FLU-flu, it's still a pain in the neck. The worst is the stuffy noses and the trails of used tissues that I find all over the house. I have little waste baskets pretty much everywhere, and they still end up on the floor. It's getting gross. Of course, when I say anything, I get groans and "Mama, that's your job!" Nice, huh? I have come to the realization that I am the kind of mom who did too much for her kids instead of teaching them to be more independent and self-sufficient. They don't make their beds, they used to put their dishes in the sink after meals but stopped, toys don't get put away, etc., etc. I wanted things done quickly instead of having them figure it out, and now I am paying for that. I have told them that starting in the New Year, things are going to change a little around here. They will have to become better citizens of this house. I can't wait to see their faces when Martial Law goes into effect!! They will hate me more than they already do!! YAY!!! But someone needs to impose the discipline and get them to stop whining and complaining. And that's gotta be me. I'm the bad guy, the bad cop. Ha- too bad.

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