Thursday, February 10, 2011

2 TVs

I love to watch TV. We are lucky enough to have 2 televisions in our house. One is in the family room and the other one is in my bedroom. As I've mentioned before, the kids aren't allowed to watch TV during the week, except in some rare instances. Like yesterday, I got my daughter a video from the library ("Because of Winn-Dixie") because she read it in school, liked it, and she asked if she could see it. This coming weekend will be crazy, so I allowed her to watch it after she finished her homework. No problem, I can be flexible. But I do find their behavior so much better without having the tube on all the time. Now, when Ex was still here, the TV was on ALL THE TIME. As soon as he would walk in the house, he'd turn it on. No matter if it was 4:00 in the afternoon, 10:30 at night, whenever, he'd turn it on and then it would stay on all through the night as he slept on the couch (that is another story...) and often into the morning when the kids were getting ready for school. Totally not necessary to have it on in the morning. Anyway, he'd watch Law and Order re-runs, stuff on the History Channel, some sports, but nothing of any importance. The only shows we really ever watched together were ER, Sex and the City, and The Sopranos. Otherwise, I'd go upstairs, he'd stay downstairs, and such was our life. One of the good things about his leaving was that the TV could be off and no one would explode. The kids are now forced to find something else to do but watch SpongeBob. My son made room in the garage and shoots hockey pucks into his net, and my daughter loves to play with little animal figurines. And then I can go and watch TV on my own. Ha- just kidding!

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