Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mental Case

Well, this storm underdelivered somewhat. I know that it took up one third of the nation, and most places did get hammered, but here it never lived up to the hype. It snowed about 4-5 inches, and there's a layer of icy crust on top. Not too bad in comparison, BUT- this snow is the heaviest to date. I was out for about an hour and a half and was completely wiped out by this one. Each shovelful needed to be hacked out first, then each weighed about 20 pounds. No lie! I only got about half the upper sidewalk done. Oh, and I can't get my car to move. Tires are spinning. I'll deal with that tomorrow.

I feel like a total zombie. I am almost at the point where I don't care if I don't shovel out. I'll get the kids to and from the bus, and otherwise I will become a shut in. Even the kids have had enough. At least I was able to make a fire.


  1. From a friend's Facebook post this morning:

    Yes!, schools cancelled. Snow day number eight on the year!
    Today's home schoolin' syllabus:
    8-9 Siblings and Sarcasm
    9 -11 Patriarchs, Power and Self-Defense
    11-1 Fix yourself lunch
    1- 8 Cartoons and video games!

  2. I was just thinking of posting something similar. See if you like it!!