Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow Daze

January 12, 2011 Snow Day #1

6:00am: check TV, school closed, YAY!, back to bed
8:00am: kids wake up, school closed, YAY!!
8:30am: breakfast, kids in pj's, cartoons on TV
11:00am: put on snow clothes, outside to shovel and play
12:30pm: lunch
1:00pm: first fight between kids over which video to watch
4:00pm: back outside to play
6:00pm: dinner
7:00pm: second fight between kids over which video to watch
9:00pm: bedtime

January 13, 2011 Snow Day #2

6:00am: check TV, school closed, oh no!, back to bed
6:30am: kids up
6:45am: first fight between kids over which cartoon to watch
7:00am: breakfast
7:15am: second fight between kids over rest of cereal
7:30am: kids sent to rooms over fight about cereal
9:30am: kids take out all old blocks from containers, can't see living room floor
10:30am: "Mom, I want lunch!"
10:31am: kids sent outside to play in snow
12:00pm: lunch
4:00pm: mom watching Oprah with barricaded bedroom door
5:00pm: "Did you do your homework?"
6:30pm: dinner
7:00pm: "Go practice your saxophone!"
7:10pm: "Go practice your saxophone!"
7:30pm: mom watching "Access Hollywood" with barricaded bedroom door
8:00pm: bedtime

January 21, 2011 Snow Day #3

6:00am: check TV, no school, Oh God, NOOOOO!
7:00am: mom watching "Today," all 4 hours, with barricaded bedroom door
11:00am: kids still in pj's, haven't eaten, don't know where bowls are
12:00pm: kids sent to shovel driveway
12:17pm: shoveling too difficult, back in to watch 7 hours of Nickelodeon
7:00pm: dinner
7:30pm: bedtime

January 27, 2011 Snow Day #4

6:00am: NOT AGAIN!!!!!
7:15am: breakfast
7:30am: mom on computer, checking real estate in The Bahamas
9:00am: mom shovels driveway, sidewalk
12:00pm: mom collapses in exhaustion
12:05pm: "Mom, can you bake those cookies?"
12:06pm: kids sent outside to play, mom barricades door
2:00pm: kids knocking on door, mom hiding under blankets
3:00pm: mom relents, lets kids in, but they must be silent
6:30pm: dinner
6:45pm: bedtime

February 1, 2011 Snow Day #5

6:00am: HELP!!!
7:00am: Legos overtake downstairs
8:00am: Barbie army fights WWE wrestlers on new couch
9:00am: mom goes to get firewood, falls through 5 feet of snow
10:00am: "Mom, where are you?"
12:00pm: kids make lunch, kitchen destroyed
2:00pm: "Did you do your homework??"
4:00pm: mom recovers, hacks away at ice for 2 hours
5:00pm: dinner
5:30pm: bedtime

February 2, 2011 Snow Day #6

6:00am: we'll be in school until July!!!
7:00am: kids pull out toy farm and animals, construction trucks, puzzles,
Bingo, 35 bouncy balls, and all Happy Meal Toys from the last 6 years
7:15am: mom goes to car to read
12:00pm: mom comes back in house, hungry; lunch
3:00pm: fight over toys
3:30pm: fight over markers
3:45pm: fight over blankets
4:00pm: fight over breathing
4:15pm: dinner
4:30pm: bedtime


  1. I don't know about you, but when we were kids, any day off school, was a day Mom & Dad didn't see us until dinner time.

  2. Brilliant! Believe it or not, but we had a 2 hour delay today! Enough already! I managed to get out the door by 8am while everyone was still in bed, to take a class down to NYC for the day. Freedom!