Friday, February 11, 2011

What's in a Name?

I just posted my first comment on someone else's blog. I follow TheSimpleDollar for frugal living tips. The guy who writes it is quite prolific with several posts a day. I decided to comment on something he wrote about preparing meals. My dilemma, however, was what name to use. Now, my real name is Alexandra. I don't use it, except on legal documents and with doctors and at the bank. My nickname is Sandy. That is the name I have used my whole life, in my American life. When I moved to CT, however, I wanted to go with something different, so when I met our neighbors, I introduced myself as Alexandra/Alex. And it worked! Until I was at a mommy and me class with both my toddler kids and a mom asked me my name and I just blurted out "Sandy!" and realized I was creating an issue for myself. One name around my block, one name with all new acquaintances. Now, in my Ukrainian life, I go by Lesia. My whole family calls me that, as well as people in Ukie school, Plast, camps, everywhere. And that's how I signed myself on my Vovchachow blog since it was going out to Ukie people. When I wrote the comment today, I didn't know how to refer to myself- Lesia, or Sandy. I chose Lesia, because when I think of who I am, Lesia is it. Plus, if ever I get the courage to link this blog, it will only make sense that I be Lesia, right? You know what's even funnier? My ex called me by my name, Lesia, to me to my face ONE time in ten years together. It was the first time he called me. Is that not weird?? To not call your girlfriend/spouse, EVER by her name??? At least I can giggle about that now.


  1. I wondering, does each name have it's own personality too? Not like Sybil, MPD, but do you find that Sandy is one type of person, while Lesia behaves a bit differently?

  2. You know, that is a very interesting question, and one that I will have to think long and hard about. When I was little, Sandy and Lesia behaved very differently. Now, in my old age, ;)I think they are more similar. But definitely, I think that those of us Ukrainians who live/d in 2 worlds had 2 different personae.