Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Another visitor???

So I'm preparing my Ukrainian School work this morning in my living room/dining room. And I start to hear noises up above. Like cracking, thumping, SCURRYING...
And I'm like, "Not friggin' again!!!" I go outside and look to see if maybe the ice is melting off of the roof, or the snow is doing something up there (Funny how you make excuses when you want to avoid the obvious, no?). I go back in, turn down the radio, and there it was, that scratching, scootching noise coming from the front closet!!!!!! So I slam the louver doors shut, grab a skein of yarn (!) and wrap a long strand around the knobs. I am screaming the whole time, then I look around and start yelling, "Furniture!! I need furniture!!" So I grab 2 dining room chairs and prop them up against the doors. I run downstairs, grab the phone, my cell, my little address book, and run out to the garage. I call the nice guy from last year who removed the dead squirrel, but he's at his other job and can't come by until 4:00ish. Crap. Now, so I don't bore you with my craptastic day, let me jump ahead and tell you that a different gentleman came here, from Nuisance Wildlife Removal and walked through every inch of my house for almost two and a half hours, and couldn't figure out where this thing got in. I told him I wasn't crazy, and he believed me. He was so awesome, so thorough, and he admitted he was stumped for the first time in his career. YAY! I'm so honored... Anyway, the noises stopped, so hopefully this thing got out, or died, and tomorrow he will come by with a colleague who may go up on the roof to check things out. CRAP!!! Will my luck ever change????


  1. What was the yarn thing all about?

  2. The closet doors are louvers, so they have this knob that doesn't really do anything, but I wanted to secure the doors somehow so that whatever was behind there wouldn't get out. The closest thing I could find was the yarn. I keep all my Ukrainian School crafting stuff upstairs, and it was the first rope-ish thing I grabbed. I wound the yarn between the knobs, like in a figure 8 (MacGuyver!!) and put the chairs up against them too. That's all that was.