Thursday, February 17, 2011

Biggest Loser

Sorry for not posting yesterday. It was one of those odd, "Limbo" days, and I don't mean the dance (har dee har har). I was sort of waiting for the squirrel people to come, then I went to donate blood (BP 112/72, pulse 62- not bad!) and came back and was still waiting for the squirrel people, then kids came home, we had massive amounts of homework to do, then... my daughter and I went to her swim team's Swim-A-Thon. Now, this is kind of a different swim-a-thon in that they aren't raising money for cancer, or diabetes, or heart disease, but rather for their own team trophy, team gift and banquet dinner. I know, it sounds kind of weird, but it's how it's been done for years. In the past, the kids basically swam laps non-stop, someone kept track, they won prizes, and it was boring to watch and participate in. So they decided to change it up and make it a fun evening. They had silly relays like pushing a beach ball with your nose, swimming in a large t-shirt, swimming with a pool noodle, doggy-paddling, etc. So at least it was a bit more entertaining and not so tedious. They also opened it up to parents. I said I'd swim, since I know how to swim. So any parents who signed up got to be in a relay with their own kid.
(I asked them to turn down the light since there was so much white flesh from the parents (HA!)). So when it was my turn, I ended up having to swim against my kids' former gym teacher. She's like 38, fit as you wouldn't believe, and she totally cleaned my clock. We started at about the same time, and I tanked. I felt like an ass. I hope no one made fun of me- I have spoken about my knowledge of swimming, so I really hope I didn't come across as a tool. The dad who was also on my relay was like, "Oh, it's you and your daughter! Awesome! We're gonna win!" GAH! I really felt like I let my team down. I so don't need this angst right now! So I came home and ate like half of my daughter's birthday cake while watching the rest of "The Biggest Loser." And that's what I felt like...

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