Thursday, January 6, 2011

Alone Again

It's the "other" Christmas Eve tonite, the Orthodox Celebration of the Birth of Christ. Some 500 years, or thereabouts, after the Gregorian Calendar and Julian Calendar were reconciled, and they still insist on celebrating on Jan 6th and 7th. Whatever. I remember one of my kids once told me their dad said this is "the REAL Christmas." I was so ticked off! Real Christmas?!?-Who has off on January 7th? What businesses are closed on January 7th? Is the Post Office closed on the 7th? Are schools off on the 7th? Do Jews go out for Chinese on the 7th? Well, maybe, but you know what I mean!! Not that I even CARE about any of this, but still.* Grrr... So the kids are going to dad's this afternoon for their 5th gift-getting opportunity. They will miss some school today and all day tomorrow. I'm not thrilled about that, but there's not much I can do. My daughter will also be missing swim practice, and that's really not cool. But again, God wins. So I am alone. I know that I often complain that the kids are too loud, too messy, too grumpy, but it's really odd when they aren't here. It's so VERY quiet, so still, it's weird. It's funny, when this separation first happened, I tried to fight every time dad wanted to take them. I wanted them all for myself. It has taken some time, but it is a bit easier to let them go. The best thing about being alone is that I get to eat what I want and don't have to "make dinner" for anyone but me!! That is the real break. I hate having to decide what to make each night. I don't mind cooking, but it's just having enough of an interesting and varied menu both for me and for them.
So I may go out for a Philly Cheesesteak, or to Taco Bell for a Nachos Supreme and a Beef Burrito, or I may make a pepperoni calzone here at home. I'll see what I'm in the mood for later. Now that's fun!!

*Hey- don't write me about the calendars and the dates and all that stuff. If that's what you celebrate, that's fine. It's just my take and my opinion on that. No offense intended.

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  1. Whenever I'm on my own for a night or two, cereal is my dinner. I just can't be bothered if it is just me.

    Oh, Kellogg's, where would I be without you?