Thursday, January 27, 2011

Re-Invention Dejection

I love to read magazines. If there is ever an offer for a year's subscription for like ten bucks, sign me up! My latest reads include:
1. Oprah- yeah, like she needs another $20 from lil' old me, but most of the mag is
a decent read.
2. Woman's Day- simple articles, decent tips, recipes, nothing amazing, but good to
read during dinner
3. Family Circle- ditto, can read in one shot. Am cancelling when runs out
4. Men's Health- Ex got this when we went on a trip once. I LOVED it and subscribed
for myself. All these years later, it's getting repetitive, so that will be
cancelled too.
5. Parenting- got a free bag with subscription, don't like at all, has treacly
articles and tips, definitely cancelling
6. More- this was my transition from Cosmo. Geared toward a much higher economic
bracket than mine, cannot afford $465 shoes for an interview outfit

So, the one thing I'm finding in common with all, except MH, is this idea of re-inventing yourself. Just about every month, there is an article espousing the earth shattering transformations of simple women like you and me. And it's usually never a stay at home mom to a surgeon, or a librarian to a teacher. It's a high powered commodities trader who was fed up with burning the candle at both ends so she quit her $675,000 a year job and moved to Costa Rica and opened a jewelry/coffee shop where she helps local women craft bags from discarded cigarette butts. And she's never been happier!! BLEH... Or an editor from NYC who was making $850,000 a year dealing with celebrity biographies who happened to be surfing the internet and had this epiphany that she's never seen a dating service for women editors who earn $850,000 and she creates a website for $7 a month linking these women with hot construction workers, and she's never been happier!! Double bleh...What about the women who've tried and failed? What about the women stuck with several ideas and can't get any off the ground? What about the ones with solid resumes who can't seem to get a foot in the door? I know, those don't make for compelling reading, but my point is it makes it seem like every woman who tries, succeeds. Makes me ill. I think I need to read some new magazines...

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