Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Scrape Away!!

Jesus Flippin' Christ, am I EXHAUSTED!!!!!!!!!!! This storm is one for the books. Remember how I said one branch fell yesterday? Well, all night long, my kids and I would hear a pop, like a fire cracker, and then this "showering down" noise. Some more branches fell across the driveway, others fell in the woods behind the house. The driveway is actually a sea of green from all the pine needles. My kids had a delayed opening, so I got up and went out to shovel. It sucked. Oh, and I had to drag the garbage can up the sheet-of-ice driveway and try to avoid the power lines that are on it. That was fun. I realized I'd need to get one of those scraper things to make this job possible. (God, I'm so sore I can barely type!) So I got the kids to the bus, and started shovelling again. The sidewalk in front of the house is was a nightmare. All I could do was throw salt on it and wait. I ran out to run some errands and buy that giant scraper. Came back, and went back to work. And it was raining! That made it even more pleasurable. The scraper is great, though. Oh- I was serious Super Girl when I moved the gigantic branches off the driveway and on to the lawn. One branch was caught on a still hanging wire, so I finagled it and actually got it off!! SMHNOTFBO!!! The best, though, was when my son was talking to his dad yesterday and mentioning all the falling branches. I asked my son what did Dad say, and he said, "Dad said you should have cut that tree down five years ago!" Can you imagine?? It's my fault!! I should have cut the tree down? What the *&!@ ??? I gotta go lie down. I'm really pooped.

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  1. I forgot to mention...last night the kitchen leaked again!! So there I was, with the towels and the Wet/Dry Vac, sucking away!!!