Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Awesome Neighbor

More snow!! And there's tons of it today!! I have lived here 10 years and it has never snowed so much in one storm. We couldn't open our back door when we were going to go out and shovel.
My fantastic neighbor used his snowblower to dig out my driveway and sidewalk!! And I didn't even ask!! That is above and beyond neighborly duty. I am really grateful as it would have taken me probably about 3-4 hours to dig a path to the car, never mind doing the sidewalk. I hate to ask for help. I always feel like I should be able to take care of everything myself. I also feel like if I were to ask, it would be an imposition and I would never want anyone to be like, "Ugh, what is WRONG with that woman? Why can't she just do it??" I get jealous of people who are super close with their neighbors and can rely on them for even the most mundane tasks. Oh well. It's good to know that I do have people around whom I can count on should the need arise.

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