Monday, January 31, 2011

Bad/Worse pt.2

Bear with me here--When we came home Saturday from Ukrainian school and Plast, on our street, people were on their roofs cleaning off the accumulated snow. These storms have been massive, and the remnants are astounding. My house has tons of snow on it, as do the garage and shed. I told my Ex at 5:00am when he came for hockey that the snow is bad, and that he'll need to get it off somehow. "Oh, yeah, sure, I'll get to it." (That has been the stock answer for 12 years...) Anyway, he didn't come back until around 4:15 on Saturday afternoon, just before it was getting dark. He futzed with the snowblower, let our son use it a bit on the driveway- pointless at this time- and I THOUGHT he was going to clear the roof. I left for the pizza party and it was almost dark, and returned after 9. Yesterday morning, while going to hockey, I see that he did virtually NOTHING to the roof. He hacked away a teeny bit with that blade that you use to cut high branches. A BLADE!!!!!! I was LIVID. We 3 went to hockey, breakfast and then food shopping. I got home around noon, unpacked the groceries and then got out the ladder and made my way towards the garage roof. I proceeded to stand on the ladder (and later on the other, taller one) for about TWO HOURS, hacking away at the snow with a shovel and a HOCKEY STICK!!!! I was so mad, hot tears sprang to my eyes, but thankfully they were cooled by the mounds of snow that continually fell on my head, face, shoulders, and back. It's tough to clean off a roof from BELOW, but I was too chicken to get on it. I was there, even with the roof, but I was scared that I'd get on, and tumble right off. I just couldn't do it!! I did get about 1/3 of the snow off, though. Not bad for a hockey stick. And to top it off, as I'm hacking away, one of my kids comes out and says- "Mom- could you make those oatmeal raisin cookies we talked about??" I'm like, "DO YOU SEE WHERE I AM AND WHAT I'M DOING???????" That child went back in the house awful quick. I did just about all the shed too, but I fell through the tall snow and cracked a window that was leaned up against the side. That was fun. Mr. Ex is supposed to come today to do this. All over the news they are saying we HAVE to get the snow off as there is another freaking storm coming tomorrow and all of CT will end up with collapsed roofs. GAH- I am really thisclose to becoming an alcoholic.....


  1. Sooooo...
    Am I the only one craving Oatmeal Rasin Cookies now? :-)

  2. If you must know, my oatmeal raisin cookies are
    scrumptious! As are my brownies and sherry cake!