Monday, January 10, 2011

Boot Camp

It's been a week since I instituted Boot Camp around here. I'd like to think it's going rather well. I have been waking the kids up earlier for school and that part of the day has gotten much better. I am making my son practice the saxophone every day for 10 minutes. Wow- 10 whole minutes!! You'd think I was asking him to, oh I don't know, shovel snow or something! But he's doing it! I think that as he gets better, he'll like it more. Maybe. Still no TV during the week except for the first hour of The Biggest Loser on Tuesday nights. (When I tell people that my kids do not watch TV during the week they are incredulous and yet curious as to how I do that. I just don't let them watch TV- quite simple!!) Now I just need to work on them making their beds and putting away their toys with a bit more consistency. It is quite challenging being the only adult and having to institute all the rules and regulations around here. There is no support, no united front to present to the kids, and that just makes it all the more difficult. Honestly, though, I was always the one who had to take care of everything from housework to clean up to homework to bills to discipline anyway. So that hasn't changed. What has changed is the nebulous "hope" that "Tomorrow will be better! He'll step up and take responsibility!" I can't tell you how often I truly, deeply believed that. My brother told me that is no way to live. So maybe Mr. Dad did me a favor by leaving. Now I AM the one in charge, and succeed or fail, it's all up to me.

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