Saturday, January 8, 2011

Duh Me!

Yoy was I wrong! We got it bad yesterday!! It snowed about a FOOT when all was said and done, and I feel like a dolt! Like I'm some meterologist...Anyway, it started coming down hard around 3:00 yesterday, and didn't stop until after I went to bed around 11:00. In between, my kids didn't come home until 8!! They were in the car almost 7 hours driving back here from NJ. I fed them a quick dinner, then put them to bed. Thankfully, Ukrainian School was cancelled so that was one activity down. Mr. Dad and I decided that our son would not go to hockey at 6am because our daughter did still have her swim meet and it wouldn't be fair to get her up at 5 to go to the arena and then come back and compete. Got that? Yep- that's what it's like here. So today I got up at 6am to shovel-SMHNOTFBO!!! Ha- know what that stands for? Single Mom Has No One To Fall Back On!! Yes! Shoveling is one of those activities. I'll let you know about others as they come up... I shoveled, showered, got the kids up, fed them, and we were off to the meet. Made it there ok, and then I proceeded to volunteer to be a timer which meant I'd have to stay for the whole meet instead of being able to leave when my 8 year old daughter finished. My son wasn't too happy about having to stay and entertain himself longer, but as I almost never go to her meets I really needed to step up and help out. She had an OK meet. She has achieved so much in so little time, that anything less that is still considered excellent is actually somewhat disappointing. But whatever. It's done, we didn't miss Uki School, snow is cleared, I am EXHAUSTED, and tomorrow we do it all over again with 7:50 am hockey and a Plast (scouts) Winter/Christmas ceremony up in Hartford. Friggin' WHEW!!!

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