Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Friend

This morning a friend of mine called asking if I could drive her to the post office as her husband's car is in the shop and he took her car. We ran our errand and then she asked me to come in for coffee. Now, she is doing a major house renovation so her place, while better than when I saw it in the fall, is still pretty disheveled. No matter! It is going to be fabulous!! She got one of those fancy one-cup-at-a-time Kuerig (sp?)coffee makers for Christmas and she wanted to try it out on me. So we had some coffee and chatted for a bit. She used to work as a library assistant at the same Elementary School as I did and we both got canned from there. She has not been able to find a job either. So we sat and commiserated about our sad employment status. Her situation is a bit different as she is married and she doesn't have quite the urgency I do to find work, but it was still nice to be able to vent with her. She is originally from Europe and is a very intelligent and well spoken woman. I, of course, am also quite amazing (!?) so it's rather puzzling that we both are jobless. She was talking about how hard it is for her to "sell" herself, like you have to with interviews and resumes and making connections, and I totally agreed. So there we were, no make up, in sweats and jeans, just having a cup of coffee. Kind of a nice change of pace. From sitting here, no make up, in sweats and jeans, having a cup of coffee. But you know what I mean!

We are due for ANOTHER major snowstorm tonight into tomorrow. There is no place to put all of this snow! I will "batten down the hatches" after I finish posting.

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